Blog it like it’s hot, blog it like it’s hot, blog it like it’s hot…


It really is HOT here and it’s been a particularly beaut day in Varkala (beach pic, top), not to rub it in too much if you’re reading this from the UK – if it’s any consolation, I was so absorbed in reading Harry Potter, that I missed the loud cries of the lifeguard sat a mere yard away from me as a wave broke and submerged me, my sandals and towel in sea water, to the great amusement of everyone else on the beach.

Pride a little hurt, skin a little burnt, I trudged my way back to my hotel for a cold shower and to write a new yoga routine.

Routine written, I found a little spot outside in amongst the palm trees for a solo (hot) yoga sesh – both a dog, which walked past when I was mid Warrior II, and a tropical bird (pictured above) gave me unamused looks of “what the bloody hell are you doing, ya tit?!”.

Having scoffed a rather delectable vegetable Roti (pic above), I proceeded to spend the best part of 2 hours people watching from the balcony of a cafe overlooking Varkala beach, whilst the sun started to set – bliss.

Sundays appear to be a day-off for many locals and Varkala beach is rammed with happy people dressed in fabulous arrays of colours, eating vibrantly coloured ice creams and flying shiny foil kites. With the calming ocean waves in the background, this really is a place to people watch.

I’ll be moving to an Ayurvedic diet from tomorrow, I had no idea what that meant either until I googled it, to summarise very inefficiently it’s a cross between Vegetarianism and Veganism. Your diet depends on your body type, of which there are 3 according to Ayurveda: Vata (lean), Pitta (athletic) and Kapha (big boned). I took a test (online) to find out my body type and like the fashion industry it appears my body is fickle and seasonal, Vata in Winter, Pitta in Summer and Kapha in Spring – I’m confident my diet so far in India hasn’t been anywhere close to Ayurvedic, but, it’s been bloody delicious – FOOD pics above 🙂

Tomorrow I move to the Yoga House. I’m going to miss my hotel, not only is it perfectly located, the owner makes a smashing brekkie, and he also makes the world’s best tea* – I honestly have no idea what he puts in it!

*Having not travelled the entire world I can only remark on where I have to date, but, it’s by far the best cuppa I’ve ever had.

As I transition from holiday/rest-bite to studying/training (Yoga) I will continue to document my experience and promise to find the humour in it where possible.

Namaste 🙏




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