Yoga Nidra

You’ll find my Yoga Nidra recordings on Yoganidra Network, so you can practise any time, and I often include yoganidra in my weekly group classes too (including Yoga for Seniors / Flow & Restore Yoga).

What is it? Nidra means sleep, so together it means Yogic Sleep or Sleep of the Yogis, and refers to a state of deep relaxation, where the body and intellectual (thinking) mind are sleeping/resting but you’re fully conscious / awake / aware. This blissful state has many names, true nature, pure consciousness, TuriyaSamadhi, the source, to name a few. 

It is a practise of non-doing. We begin by guiding the physical body to rest deeply, together with calming breathing to regulate the body-mind.

As the body relaxes, the mind calms. The mind literally slows down, as measured by brainwave changes.
(If you’re interested, during a typical Nidra practise you shift from Beta /wakefulness to Alpha /Deep Relaxation and sometimes verge on Theta waves / Dreamlike. With regular practise the yogi might glimpse pure consciousness, evident by Delta waves only usually seen during (unconscious) non-REM sleep. 

Some key benefits: Deep rest and rejuvenation | enables self healing | stress reduction | helpful for anxiety & depression | boost energy levels | connection with inner wisdom | creativity | problem solving | emotion regulation | can help with disordered sleep | supports trauma processing | alleviate PTSD symptoms |… and many, many more.