The adventure begins in God’s Own Country: Varkala, Kerala, India…

With 6 years of Yoga under my belt, alongside 6 years of day-dreaiming of the life of a Yogi, I finally thought Fu#k it. What’s really stopping me becoming a full-time Yoga teacher? The answer truthfully was me.

Let’s skip the boring part of the story where I gave up my (London) city job, bla bla bla… and instead let’s start at the beginning of my Indian adventure.

Today (Wednesday 4th October 2017) I spent my first full day in India, one of many many days to come, and with just a few hours under my belt I get a strong sense not only is it going to be a wonderful experience, it’s going to be a little bit crazy (the good kind) too!

3 things really stand out from my few hours here so far, 1. Indian people are very friendly & kind 2. India has an indescribable energy to it 3. Only in India do I bare any resemblance to Taylor Swift?! (Explained below ha)

After a glorious breakfast on my balcony from my hosts @ Busuri Beach Resort, I head in search of my soon to be home for a month the Abhijna School of Yoga, but, as always I head off map-less and relying on my ‘memory’ of where it is, hmmm.

Needless to say I veer off course pretty quickly & find myself semi lost in the back streets. However, adventure quickly finds me and I experience my first, & hopefully not last, helmet-less scooter ride with a lovely semi-local called Noa (originally from Dubai) who drops me back on the main road.

I decide, a map, or at least having a vague idea of where I’m going is probably a good idea so I reside to finding the school tomorrow, and instead explore the cliff top town of Varkala – top picture above, magnificent ey 😉

The little town is clustered along the coastal path overlooking the long sandy beach, with palm trees jutting out from the cliff – a papaya juice with a view seems a must.

I venture along the cliff side, and very quickly find a place to practise Yoga, I meet the teacher (pretty & very french lady) and agree to a class the next day 7-8.30am – if you know me, you’ll know I’m not the most coordinated in the morning, but I need to get into routine ahead of my course.

En route to the beach I make friends with an adorable Indian girl called Gee, just 19 and working away from home (Bangalore) for her family in a little ‘shop’. She speaks brilliant English and and we natter away for easily 45mins, and I learn all about her life, I get the strong sense she’s missing female company most probably her mother/sisters – I will definitely visit her again.

I find a spot on the beach and 2 words summarise my experience, Taylor and Swift.
Not being a TS fan and having never owned an inflatable Swan I realise I’m obviously ignorant of her global reach, as I’m repeatedly asked by little Indian kids “do you know Taylor Swift?” and “can we have a picture”. After numerous pictures – including one of me solo holding a baby, which made the couple very happy – with lovely but slightly over-friendly Indian strangers I get a glimpse of the celebrity life, and am thankful this is short lived.

I finish my book ‘Inside Vogue’ by Alexandra Shulman, which is a fairly organic insight into the realities of the ‘fashion world’ – to the likes of me it really is another world, again one I’m glad to not be a part of.

I am feeling very humbled & honoured to be living in the little (Varkala) world I’m in right now 🙂

I finish off my day with a mushroom & potato curry, yum! Overlooking the beach – pic above. As I take my last bite, the table next to me, full of Australians, make a comment to one another “who’s this singing?” … “Taylor Swift”.

I’ll be living in the coastal town of Varkala for the next 5 weeks and documenting my adventure here, so keep reading – pretty please 🙂

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