Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer Care

Therapeutic Yoga combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with the modern science of yoga therapy, with the aim of improving physical, emotional, psychological and overall well-being, by empowering people with self-care tools which can be practiced on and off the mat. 


Private Sessions: In-person 1:1 @ Home OR, In-person 1:1 at Yoga Annie Studio (Gibraltar, a little hamlet close to nearby towns Haddenham, Thame and Aylesbury)

Group Sessions: Therapeutic Yoga at the Hummingbird Centre (Grange Courtyard, Station Road, Launton, Bicester, OX26 5DX) – 2023 dates to be announced

The Hummingbird is a cancer support and therapy centre for those that are affected by and living with Cancer (Registered Charity Number 1156595).

During the sessions, Gill will be sharing simple and accessible yoga therapy tools. There will be equipment available on the day, but feel free to bring your own mat if you wish. 

We will be practising on chairs, unless you prefer to practise on the mat, and the session will include gentle physical movement to help release tension, simple breathwork to support the nervous system, and a relaxing meditation.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Gill before the session via email

What are the Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer Care

Therapeutic Yoga may empower and support:

  • Physical range-of-movement and flexibility
  • Releasing tension from the body
  • Help manage or reduce pain
  • Building or maintaining strength
  • Promote blood and lymphatic system circulation
  • Immune system resilience
  • Stress management and reduction (potentially reducing inflammation)
  • Relaxation
  • Psychological and emotional wellbeing (including trauma, anxiety, depression, low mood, overwhelming emotions)
  • Nervous system resilience
  • Better sleep (on-set and help with night-time waking)
  • Digestion
  • Mindfulness and mental resilience
  • Help with side effects like neuropathy, lymphedema, nausea, hot flushes, fatigue, brain fog, loss of bone-density, these are just some examples
  • Lifestyle changes and promoting self-care
  • Body confidence
  • Connection, to self and others
  • Control and self-agency over wellbeing
  • Compassion, Presence and Acceptance.

Things the yoga therapist may consider before sharing tools with you?

  • Your goal or reason for starting therapeutic yoga
  • Staging of Cancer (including type, treatment plan, metastasis and future needs)
  • Healing time since surgery
  • Other health conditions (including side effects and symptoms)
  • Psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Your lifestyle, values, and what brings you joy
  • Previous experience, if any, with yoga
  • How you conserve, deplete and balance your energy
  • Your sense of connection, to your self, others, universal connectivity and/or your life’s purpose.
  • If you have an interest / are open to yoga philosophy and/or spirituality (note yoga is not a religion).