Simple Breath Practise

If you’re feeling a little stressed, anxious, like your mind is constantly ruminating, or you’d just looking for mindful relaxation then here’s a simple breath practise which you can perform anywhere, anytime 🙂

Slow Steady Breathing for Parasympathetic Nervous System (Rest & Digest System) dominance, meaning you feel calm in the mind and body

  • Choose either an upright seated position, standing or lying on your back (probably the latter if you’re at home) – eyes can be closed or open, but if you’re choosing to keep them open then bring the gaze down so the eyelids can relax and less sensory stimulation.
  • For the first 1-minute or so, don’t change the breath, but feel for it and start to Consciously Breathe (you can place your hands on your torso to help feel the breath physically)
  • If it’s comfortable start to breath in and out via Nasal Breathing, gently controlling the speed and length of the breath, slowing both inhale/exhale – c. 1-2mins
  • Next add the elongation of the exhale breath
  • Think of the inhale to exhale as a ratio of 1:2 (inhale for 1 count / exhale for 2 counts – if you have the breath capacity you might try inhale for 2-3 counts and exhale for 4-6 counts )
  • Continue this for 5 – 10mins 
  • When you’re ready to stop, take a deep inhale via the nose and long exhale out the mouth (repeat up to 3 times) and allow the breath to find its own natural pattern again whilst still consciously feeling / witnessing the breath for a final minute.

Namaste x

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