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27-11-2019 Alice 5 Fabulous Gill is an excellent yoga teacher. Her class is inclusive, with options to suit every ability. Really glad I found her class 🙂 
01-12-2019 Marzia Fiorino 5 Excellent Thank you for introducing me to yoga,  I love your classes and I would recommend to everyone
18-12-2019 Teresa Deacon 5 An hour of calm… A lovely relaxing flow class in a great location.  Would absolutely recommend Gill’s classes.
10-01-2020 Steph McEvaddy 5 Brillaint I love this class.  It’s a great work out for flexibility, strength and mental well being. I walk out feeling relaxed and about 15cm taller. Brilliant.
21-01-2020 Anna McGilvray 5 Loveliest hour of the week!  Great class this evening as always, thanks Gill!
17-03-2020 Megan Joseph 5 Amazing yoga Gill is a brilliant yoga teacher. She helps everyone to go at their own pace whilst getting a good workout, and the class is great for mental wellbeing too! 
22-03-2020 Jacquie George 5   I want to thank you for this morning’s session.  Online yoga…great idea and it worked so well. All the tension in my back has disappeared and the mantra at the end was so calming. See you online very soon. Jacquie 
22-03-2020 ✨Laura Sharpe✨ 5 Sunday yoga  Thank you Gill for this mornings online yoga it was wonderful  and arranging so quickly. So happy to keep up my routine. Laura 
23-03-2020 lucy 5 Yay for Yoga! I really look forward to Gill’s classes and have been a regular for some time. I love her style – with everyone made to feel welcome and safe and encouraged to work at their own level.  Whatever I feel like before a class I know I will feel at least one notch up afterwards! In these strange times I think the online classes will be a bit of a lifeline…..thank you!
24-03-2020 Zoe McErlane 5 Great for beginners As a beginner it’s great to be able to go at my own pace and level! Thank you for a lovely session this evening Gill xx
24-03-2020 Ginny 5 I feel better! So great to take part in your online class tonight Gill. I moved from Walthamstow in August and have missed you class so much! Thank you! 
25-03-2020 Teresa Deacon 5 Just what was needed! Really enjoyed your online Tuesday class in the company of your two gorgeous cats.  Good to have some structure to the day in these strange times.  A lovely stretch.  Thank you Gill.
26-03-2020 Ella Clark 5 Great zoom session!  Thank you so much for holding classes in these current situations, it was my first class and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you! 
29-03-2020 Mandy Knight 5 Lovely Sunday Morning Zoom Session Thank you so much for a lovely start to a Sunday morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and will be logging on again next week! 
01-04-2020 Cheryl Malone 5 Tuesday Online for Seniors Great class in view of the current situations  These classes are great and i will be taking part every Tuesday until we get back to our normal classes
Thanks Gill 
01-04-2020 Lydia Stanley 5 Enjoyed Zoom session Thanks for the lovely class on Sunday morning. It was my first class with you but won’t be my last! Just the right level for me – I have been looking for a gentle class for a while.
24-05-2020 Anna Zhang 5 The most enjoyable yoga Gill you are so great in providing tranquility to my mind every single session without fail, your calm tone and detailed guidance through breath focus are beautifully balanced. Thank you so much for the zoom sessions, and really looking forward to see you in class again 🙂
09-06-2020 frances Bowman-Watson 5 An hour well spent Really enjoyed my first yoga class. Found the moves fairly easy to follow and felt happy, relaxed and energized afterwards
30-06-2020 Carla Acket 5 Tuesday yoga for seniors I feel refreshed and energised after your class Gill.
Am so pleased to be able to take part via Zoom.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again in real life eventually!
05-10-2020 Mo Gallaccio 5 email info Hi Gill are you still sending out emails about upcoming classes? I’m not receiving any….could be that my laptop is too old and tempremental… but have you taken me off a list or are you not sending out the emails any more? 
11-12-2020 Monika Pampus 5 The Most Heavenly Yoga Gill‘s classes are a haven of tranquility, connection, uplift. It has been a long search but this feels like finally coming home to what is a gently nourishing space every session. There is real love and tenderness here, with poems and sounds, Gill‘s sweet voice and the depth of her caring all flowing together in a ‚yogascape‘. 
17-01-2021 Jacquie George 5 Serene Sunday  morning yoga What a beautiful way  to start my  Sunday. Gill never fails to deliver a gently, energising class that sets me up for the rest of the day. I love your classes! 
31-01-2021 Ruth 5 First Zoom class My first yoga class on Zoom, easy to access, engaging and revitalising.
26-02-2021 Marian Head 5 zoom yoga A wonderful calming class.  Looking forward to the next one.
19-04-2021 Joana C Batista 5 Highly recommend, yoga for all! Yoga Annie  is the most relaxing yoga experience, online and in person. The teacher is really accessible and helpful, making for a laid back, engaging, class.
10-06-2021 Catherine and Robin 5 Wonderful! New class for Robin and I , it was a joy. Wonderful to be back to yoga too. Relaxing, energising and calming. Looking forward to our next classes.
13-06-2021 Tessa Trabue 5 Fantastic class, highly recommend I’ve been taking the Sunday 10.30 class for a few years now – live when it was at Orford Rd, and online on Zoom since the first lockdown. Fantastic class for a Sunday morning – gently rejuvenating and energising. Gill’s instructions are very clear and the suggested variations are  always appreciated. Highly recommend!
24-06-2021 Catherine and Robin 5 Lovely Class Excellent calming thoughtful and relaxing classes yet you feel that you have achieved something too! 
15-07-2021 Robin Nash 5 Weekly highlight Great classes with a weekly theme to help you focus plus options throughout to enjoy the session. Makes you realise how important breathing is and how valuable it is to get the most out of your yoga.
29-07-2021 Catherine and Robin 5 Wednesday Night Bliss I so look forward to my yoga on a Wednesday night, love it and it’s really helping with my flexibility and sleep.
02-09-2021 Catherine and Robin 5 Wednesday nights are back! So good to be back to yoga after the summer break. Great to be with our yoga buddies too.
Lovely to focus on breathing, relaxing and flowing, feel so much better. 
08-09-2021 Kelly SU 5 Most relaxing yoga class I attend Gill’s online session and have never felt so relaxed in forever!
14-09-2021 Sue Monk 5 wonderful classes, but did not seem to get a link today unfortunately I did not seem to receive a link for the tuesday morning class which I had  booked. I always love Gill’s classes, which are most relaxing around
16-09-2021 Catherine and Robin 5 Lovely  Such an enjoyable class and a good nights sleep! Thank you
04-11-2021 Martin Hawes 5 Martin and Debbie Yoya is enjoyable and relaxing, but I must admit that the website is a stress .How can you find out how many credits are remaining and why is there not way for Gill to add a credit to all if she is unwell.? Maybe I’m missing something?
09-12-2021 Catherine and Robin 5 So Relaxing  Great to be back after a break, always feel relaxed and switched off after a class.
13-01-2022 Catherine and Robin 5 A Good Nights sleep Lovely class, takes you away from everything else for the hour and a good nights sleep.
15-02-2022 Gayton Jordan 5 Initial experience The class itself was very good, but the stress of trying to book through the website was extreme; links that didn’t work, etc. It was my first experience of yoga and although I did enjoy it not sure I would want to go every week.

Emma (31/10/2018): 

“Attended my first class with Annie yesterday and it was fantastic! Pretty new to yoga, but the pace and teaching was great. I felt amazing afterwards. Thank you!”

Carole (04/03/2018): 

“I’ve attended Gill’s Flow Yoga and Yoga for Seniors classes – both excellent! Affordable and welcoming sessions, with all participants receiving great care and attention – highly recommended! “

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