Teaching Style

A combination of Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher training in India and 6 years of personal practise in a variety of Yogic disciplines from Ashtanga, Vinyasa/Flow, Hatha, Hot Yoga, Bikram, Dynamic and Hot Core has culminated in a teaching style and ethos which I would describe as:

Dynamic – set sequences (e.g. The Ashtanga primary series) are wonderful & lend
themselves well to many students. My natural leaning, as long as it suits the
students in my class, is towards dynamic sequencing.

Vinyasa / Flow – the best way to maintain the energy and focus of a class, I believe under most circumstances, the exception being a more therapeutic practise, is to utilise the Vinyasa system. Whereby asanas/postures are linked together with additional asanas e.g. Up-Dog/Down-Dog, to create a continuous flow (of energy).

Mindful Yoga / Breathing – all Classes include Pranayama / Breathing techniques, and throughout the practise we return to the breath, ultimately breath is the core of Yoga.

Appropriate Relaxation – often we’re too quick to step off the mat, and I like my students to understand that Savasana (corpse pose) is as important as any other Asana practised, and to allow themselves those precious moments of true