Group Yoga Classes

Group Classes take place at Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford road, Walthamstow, E17 9QZ – in Walthamstow Village

Class Pricing: Part of my aim with Yoga Annie is making yoga more accessible, this includes making it more affordable, therefore my prices reflect 50-60% reduction in cost vs. average London yoga class pricing

  • Price Per class / Drop-in: £7
  • Multi-class Pass: 5 Classes for £30
  • Yoga for Senior / £4 per class (concessionary rate)

Group Class Formats: all classes are accessible for beginners 

  • Gentle Yoga for Tension Release & Relaxation (Sundays): Suitable for Beginners. We focus on gentle breath-work to calm the mind, combined with slow movement & simple yoga poses to release tension from the body. Restoring balance to mind & body.
  • Energising Yoga (Tuesdays): Aligning breath and movement ‘flow’ to get the body feeling supple and warm. We move through poses that release muscle tension and also strengthen (stabilise). Finishing with relaxation to bring calm to body and mind. This class is slightly more physically challenging than other formats.
  • Yoga for Seniors (Tuesdays): a restorative Yoga Class for those in their golden years. We use gentle movement aligned with the breath, and focus on improving joint mobility, posture, balance and muscle strength, making use of props and chairs to ensure all yoga postures are accessible.

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