Group Yoga Classes

Group Classes take place at:

Class Pricing: Part of my aim with Yoga Annie is making yoga more accessible, this includes making it more affordable, therefore my prices reflect 50-60% reduction in cost vs. average London yoga class pricing

  • Price Per class / Drop-in: £7
  • Multi-class Pass: 5 Classes for £30

Group Class Formats: all classes are accessible for beginners 

  • Gentle Flow & Restore: classes are influenced by Yang and Yin yoga, combining gentle movement (flow) with restorative postures which are held for longer to reach the deeper muscles/tissues.
  • Morning Flow: postures are linked with movement, creating heat in the body and a continuous flow of energy helping maintain internal focus.
  • Energising Flow: the focus is energising the body & mind (maybe re-energise, if you’d had a tough day!), meaning classes will be slightly more physically challenging than other formats.
  • Yoga for Seniors: a restorative Yoga Class for those in their golden years, focused on improving balance and strength.

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